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Master Tutorial  »  06. Fbx Import, materials, lights, textures - consolidation

06. Fbx Import, materials, lights, textures - consolidation


Lesson 06

Complete lesson 05

This lesson will consolidate the knowledge on fbx import, materials, light and scene settings.

  1. First import a new fbx file. Press Import files button  in the upper toolbar. Select the HALL_TOOLS.FBX from //master_tutorial_basic_assets/hall and press OpenThe elements that you have just added are in a wrong position and the materials are not visible.
  2. In the Nodes window select HALL_TOOLS_FBX  object and in Node Properties enter following position: 6,0398; 30,4000; -0,0700.
  3. In the Nodes window extend the HALL_TOOLS_FBX object. Select the hall_pushcart_dock_selection_box, and assign element_selection material. Assign the same material to following elements: tool_clamp2_selection_box, tool_wrench4_selection_box, tool_clamp3_selection_box, canister_selection_box, pushcart_selection_box and toolbox_body_selection_box.


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