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12. Export to Quazar3D Viewer


Lesson 12

Complete lesson 11

  1. When your application is ready you can export it to the Viewer. The Viewer has been designed for presentation of the created applications. It does not have any controls that would allow the user to change the application's core. Before the application's export you can decide what settings will be editable, they will not however allow to change how the application works. For the purposes of this tutorial we will allow access to Resolution, Full screen and Antialiasing.
  2. Go to the editor, press the Simulation settings and in Viewer edit options mark Resolution, Full screen and Antialiasing.
  1. After you selected options that will be visible for the user in the Viewer, save the project in the upper toolbar press Export . Name the application, select the saving path and press Save. Information window will appear upon completing the application's export.
  2. Run the application. To access the settings in the Viewer press ESC and select Configuration . From here you can change the Viewer's settings.
  1. Congratulations on completing the tutorial. New tutorials will be available soon.


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